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Emily Deschanel at Farm Sanctuary’s “The Conscientious Table” Event - September 29th, 2014

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tvline sneak peek (x)

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"They’ll never work…"

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Anonymous said:
I was wondering what episode your post is from where it says "daisy what is it" and then seeley seeley seeley?

It’s from this upcoming episode 10x02, Lance had written that “Seeley, Seeley, Seeley,” As a final wish to name his son after Booth. :(

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little-lance said:
Can you make a gif set of when Sweets first kissed Daisy, and Booth said they would never work out compared to when Daisy walks in to the apartment pregnant. And when sweets first kissed Daisy and Brennan said they wouldn't work out compared to when Brennan said sweets would be a good father?

Oh this is going to give me feels. Of course. Working on it now. <3

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Daisy, what is it?

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Regina? I know you’re in there, I can see the lights on.

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